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Christian Goller

Hey guys!

My name is Christian Goller, I´m an Austrian certified personal trainer, sports scientist and owner of High Level Fitness. Together with my team of trainers it´s my purpose to help people. Since I can remember I was doing all types of sports. When I was a teenager I decided to go for my dream. I wanted to become a professional soccer player. I for several years I worked out with my personal trainer and so another passion was created, personal training. He guided me trough my career so I experienced the importance of having a professional trainer to reach personal goals. My whole life was imprinted on sports so I went to a sports school before I decided to do my sport science degree at the University of Graz, Austria. I founded my own company and started education myself in the USA.

I went to Miami, Orlando and Los Angeles to join e.g. the World Fitness Association and Titleist Performance Institute. That´s how it all began.

My book: "Trainingsmethoden im Vergleich"

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Mobile +43 664 5824802